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Poltrona Frau

Tinti Arredamenti / Poltrona Frau

International brand of elegance and perfection design Made in Italy, solid Italian roots and an international language of expression.

Leader in high-end furniture, Poltrona Frau is a spokesman for the world of design and manufacturing values ​​made in Italy. Year of birth 1912. One hundred years of history. A path along which Poltrona Frau has refined sophisticated manual machining. An acquired ability over time, which artisan masters continue to pass from generation to generation. A wealth of knowledge enclosed, today as in the past, in every furniture Poltrona Frau. The intimate and timeless elegance, the personality of each piece is the result of man’s hand and a design that exalts craftsmanship even in the most modern forms. And manufacturing skill has always been combined with material research. To get the most out of the leather and the exclusive Pelle Frau®, updating and preserving the original and natural softness, warmth and tactility. By treating with the same care and passion even the most innovative and technological materials.